Monday, June 20, 2005

Good Bye Stationsstrasse

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This weekend, I've been cleaning up my room, throwing away all the garbage, painting the walls. Katia, my Mom and Theus helped me on that, which I am very greatful for. After 6 years at the Stationsstrasse, time has come to sally forth to new borders, face new challenges and broaden the horizon.

Living at the Stationsstrasse was quite an experience. Keeping household quite a challenge. But in the end, we all got along. We kept our mess within our rooms. The neighbourhood has always been an interesting folks. From Ferrari driving pimps, wannabe-red-indians, insomnious students, wat-po-massage-thais over to portuguese barbers, african fish-cookers and an evil bicycle shop.

The Stationsstrasse will remain in my memories as a loud, dusty, place with a smelly backyard, a 24/7 gas station (that closed during the millenium change for 15 minutes), cozy dvd-evenings, burning hot summers, student's life and much partying!


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