Friday, June 24, 2005

Getting out

Getting out of Switzerland is quite a thing to do. Here's a small "how2 get out of Switzerland", a cookbook for all the folks out there, that need this. BTW, it only applies to emmigrations, that take longer than six months.

- 1x an address in Switzerland that could take over correspondence for you while you are abroad
- "Krankenkasse Contracts"
- "Lohnausweise"
- anything you need to confirm the substractions from the "Steuererklärung"
- money to pay your taxes

1.) Throw away all the stuff you don't need anymore.

2.) Go to the authorities, take the "Steuererklärung" and all the stuff associated with that with you. You will have to pay your taxes, otherwise they won't give you the emigration confirmation, which you need to cancel contracts. (Krankenkasse, telephone, Internet, flat) Bring the money in cash.

3.) Check if you passport and ID is valid as long as you stay abroad.

4.) Check if you can keep some of the "Zusatzversicherungen" at the "Krankenkasse". Some Krankenkassen like CSS for example even offer international insurance. ( Depending on where you're going it might be worth contracting this.

5.) If you've been in the army: Get rid of your Swiss Army stuff. You will have to bring it to the "Zeughaus", where they will check, if it's complete. If you got stuff missing, you would have to pay for it.

6.) Depending on which country you're going, check if you are able to keep paying for the "AHV". It's worth it, since you would get less money once pensioned, if you have missing AHV contributions.

Well, I just returned my Swiss Army stuff this morning, so I guess, I am ready to take off. You will soon read here, how to get settled in the UK.


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