Thursday, August 25, 2005

Arsenal vs. FC Thun

Can you imagine a major football club of international reputation like Arsenal taking on something that sounds rather like a local football society like "FC Thun"? Well, you wouldn't have to imagine - it has become reality. On September the 14th, Arsenal is meeting FC Thun here in London.

"Thuna" ... what's "Thuna"?! Was the first reaction of the Londoners, when they found out. "This is going to be at least 15-nill." However, "Thun is lucky, they have a good draw with Arsenal".

Unfortunately, the Emirates Stadium is still to be completed. Actually it opens in August 2006. The Wankdorf stadium "Stade de Suisse" has actually just been completed recently. (By the way, I don't like the name of the stadium. It's syntactically wrong and supposed to be "Stade de la Suisse") It has been upgraded to a new capacity of more than 30'000 spectators. Not much, compared to the new Arsenal stadium. They decided to extend its capacity to around 60'000 football enthusiasts.

I have never been interested in football or any similar sport. However, I wonder how this bit will turn out. But honestly, I would not bet a single penny on FC Thun - Sorry guys ;)


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