Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have a feeling, that Britain is currently going through something like an identity crisis.

The Union Jack is formally still the symbol of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Formally and politically, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland form an unity. But not so in the minds of their peoples. We all know the story of Northern Ireland. The Scots have their own money and their own parliament, the Welsh their own language while the English have their own football team. Britain does't have a football team, but the national anthem Rooney & co are singing along and waving their St. Georges Cross to says "God save the Queen", which refers to Elizabeth the IInd who is the monarch not only of England, but of the entire Commonwealth Realms. On the other hand, Linford Christie, even though Jamaican-English, waved a Union Flag when he won the gold medal in the Olympic games 1992 in Barcelona. The Union Jack often gets associated with colonialism and British rule for example in some parts of Africa and still today, the British troops keep carrying the flag.

Since the sixties, the seek for identity manifests itself in the emblem actually becoming a fasion item.


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