Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dennis Bergkamp spoils the party

Last Wednesday was a big day for Swiss football. FC Thun met Arsenal here in London in the Highbury Stadium. A mate at work organized tickets for me and another mate to see the match. The bets were standing around 70 to 1 for "The Gunners" to win. So everybody seemed to know, how the match would turn out.

The initial 20 minutes or so were quite boring. Nothing really happened, Arsenal struggled to score a goal, Thun's defence seemed quite well organized. However tention began to rise, when in the 45th minute, an Arsenal player had to leave due to a Red Card (severe foul). The entire Stadium (34'498 spectactors minus a couple of Hardcore Thun Fans) tuned in the chorus " ♫ The Ref-eree ♫♪ is a Wanker! ♪♫ The Ref-eree is a Wan-ker! ♪♫". Nevertheless, in the 51. minute, Arsenal scored the first goal and the whole stadium broke out into euphory... for one minute. 1:1 in the 52nd minute. Now, tension began to rise. Would the match turn out to a complete embarrassment for Arsenal? Everything was possible.

Disappointed Arsenal fans had already left the stadium when in the 93rd minute a third goal was scored. Dennis Bergkamp, Hollands National Team player and probably Aresnal's Fan's favourite player managed to score the winning goal for the Gunners. Their honor was saved. However, it was thight. I would have loved seeing the few Thun fans leaving the stadium in joy while other 34'400 or so Gunner fans left the stadium a little bit more down to earth.


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