Friday, July 01, 2005

2 Minutes more for a Big Mac

According to the UBS Wealth Management Research department, it takes 14 minutes of work in Zurich to get a Big Mac at McDonald's. In London, it's two minutes more. But it's undoubtedly easier to get one here as there are way more McDonald's in town.

However, the living prices in London are massive. A good apartment (4-Rooms, built after 1980, garage, central resident area) that costs a 3000U$ in Z├╝rich per month, would cost a 8420U$ in London.

In Zurich, the "Standard Car" according to the UBS is a "Ford Focus 2.0", whereas it's a "Vauxhall Astras GSI 2.0i" in London.

Find more very interesting and world-wide comparisons in the UBS Economic Research Paper "Prices and Earnings" (2003 / Update 2005)


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