Sunday, September 18, 2005

Soviet Standard Blue

Today I was playing around with Babelfish. I'm sorry to tell all Scots out there, that Scotland doesn't seem to exist in the Chinese language. If you translate "United Kingdom" into Chinese, you will get 英国. Translate it back, you will get "England". How about "Scotland"? It translates into 苏格兰. Ok, and now, what does the se signs mean?

苏 - Soviet
格 - Standard
兰 - Blue

England, however seems to have its own sign:
英 - England
国 - Country

Didn't try Wales and Northern Ireland, though. Switzerland seems to have its own symbol as well:
瑞 - Switzerland
士 - Gentleman

I have no clue, where the "Gentleman" comes from.

PS: Of course I couldn't resist translating "asshole" back and forth: 笨蛋.
笨 - Stupid
蛋 - Egg


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