Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We And Our Mobile Phones

Good things can happen when your phone's on

Ok, so we're pretty biased here but it's true isn't it? It's just that mobiles are now such an everyday part of life that we take them for granted. We overlook the things they give us. Like the freedom to move about. And organise things on-the-go. And then be really flakey and change our minds at the last minute. Or how they've helped us get better at communicating. Even those of us who are a bit shy. We're all yabbering on more. And texting. And exchanging jokes, and pictures of that dog with the stupid face. Further still, whisper it, but they make us feel a bit more secure. Less isolated. More connected. Like we've got all our friends in our back pocket. Not bad eh? More mobile. More sociable. More secure. Pretty fundamental stuff really. That's why, on the whole, we're feeling pretty up about things.

Good things can happen when your phone's off

We've got to admit, a switched-off mobile can say a lot. It can say to the person next to us "I think you deserve my full attention." Or it can let our kids now, "You're more important than office." It's a simple gesture but it speaks volumes. Likewise, you can call to say thank you, but if you really mean it, maybe send a letter. A nice hand-written job on fancy paper. And, sure, texting someone a flirty something is all clean fun. But, let's face it, the good stuff doesn't happen until you show up in person. That's the thing about the new gizmos we come up with. They never replace established ways of communicating They just make them more special. Worth considering. After all, the more special we make each other feel, the better we'll all get on. And that's got to be a good thing.

I have found this master piece of copywriting on Northern Line Southbound London Bridge Tube Station on a Orange billboard.


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